Alternative Lifestyle Workshops

Master Severyn Kain
Workshop list
(Updated June 2015)

A to Z of BDSM: From Age Play to Zentai
Duration: 1.5 Hours
From A to Z we enter the kinky lexicon of the world of BDSM (Bondage, Domination, Discipline, Submission, Masochism). A definition, explanation and demonstration is given for the many terms used in the BDSM Lifestyle. Your two presenter provides examples, samples, and the opportunity for students to touch and feel many items that are used in BDSM play.

The Art of Erotic Spanking
Duration: 1 Hour
Where else can you learn 20 ways to give or receive a spanking! This seminar discusses many toys that can be used for spanking, dollar-store-pervertables, 20 unique spanking positions, how to properly give a spanking, what to avoid during spankings and how the body reacts to spanking. A demonstration of each of the 20 spanking positions will be presented.

BDSM 101: An Introduction to the Lifestyle
Duration: 1 Hour
This introduction to the BDSM Lifestyle covers the following: different kinds of play sessions, toys and equipment used, symbols & flags, safety and rules of the game, an overview of community, events, conferences and workshops, and top 5 films and books on the Lifestyle. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions, as well as see a variety of toys used in the Lifestyle.

BDSM 102: Culture & Community
Duration: 1 Hour
So you are ready to enter the community. Here are the guidelines and rules you need to follow. Covering Munches, Events, Event Protocols, Dress Codes, A general overview of basic terms to know (and use) this conference goes over everything required for individuals and couples interested in entering a BDSM Community.

CUPPING: Sensation & Temperature Play
Duration: 1 Hour
An overview of cupping therapy is explained. Its origins, techniques, purpose and how this ancient art of Chinese medicine can be an exciting choice in BDSM sensation play. Through bamboo, plastic, silicone and glass cupping learn how each method differs. This seminar ends with a fire-cupping demonstration.

The Deliciously Kinky World of Sploshing
Duration: 1 Hour
Enter the kinky world of Sploshing, the fetish for covering or having substances (sirops, pudding, chocolate sauce, whip cream…) poured onto the body or clothing. Students will be given examples of common substances, as well as original ideas for scenes, setting-up, cleaning up a scene, and safety during and after the scene. Also discussed is foodplay and nyotaimori (food served on a naked body). This seminar ends with an actual live sploshing demonstration.

EROTIC WAXPLAY: An Introduction
Duration: 1 Hour.
This seminar discusses the many different kinds of wax that can be used during an erotic wax play session and which to avoid, safety measures to follow during a wax play session, sensual and sadistic ideas for erotic wax play, Fire & Ice Techniques, Wax removal, and how to properly set up and clean-up the scene. This seminar may be interactive, allowing students to practice and experience wax play.

HEAVY METAL: Leather & Metal Restraints
Duration: 1.5 Hours
This seminar covers the history, uses and different varieties of Leather & Metal Restraints. Handcuffs, shackles, chains, leg-spreaders, armbinders and more will be presented. Suggestions for leather and metal care will be discussed. During this class students will also have the opportunity to try on many different restraints.

KISS THE WHIP: An Introduction to Impact Play
Duration: 1 Hour.
From open-hand spanking to single-tail whips we cover the many methods and toys that can be used for Impact Play. With an emphasis on safety, we will discuss the different techniques used for each implement, negotiating the scene, ideas for sessions, warm-up and after-care. Students will have the opportunity to see and touch the many implements used in an Impact Play session.

PLEASURE BOUND: Rope Bondage Basics
Duration: 1.5 Hours
An introductory workshop discussing rope bondage and how it can be an exciting form of restraint play. We cover safety, different kinds of ropes, common terms, and bondage positioning. By the end of this workshop student will have learned a basic tie, a rope handcuff, a chest harness, and a Japanese-style karada (Body Harness) tie.

SWING BABY SWING: Fun with Sex Swings

Duration: 1 Hour
This exciting seminar discusses the many ways that couples can enjoy the unique experience of sex on a swing. We cover the many different kinds of sex swings, suspension systems, safety and interesting ideas for sex swing play. An actual suspension system and sex swing will be used to demonstrate a variety of positions. This seminar can be interactive allowing students to try some of the positions individually.

THREESOMES: Rules of the Game
Duration: 1 Hour
Many couples fantasize about adding an additional partner to their sexual play. In THREESOMES: Rules of the Game we discuss ways to find, invite and add someone new to your sexual escapades. Other topics covered are: Important Things to Avoid, Asking the Right Questions, Factors to Discuss Before a Threesome, and Jealousy. We conclude with some interesting threesome scenarios to help keep your sexual playtime spicy and exciting.

WET & WILD: Personal Lubricants 101
Duration: 1 Hour
This seminar discusses the many different kinds of personal lubricants that can be used by men and women during sexual play. We discover where personal lubricants originate and how to properly use them. We cover which are best for men, and those more suitable for the female body, those to use and avoid with erotic toys and commonly used products not suitable for sexual play. Sampling of different products is available in order for students to better understand the difference with each kind of personal lubricant.

The World of Fetish, Kink and BDSM Litterature
Duration: 1 Hour
Presented and discussed are the many books on the subjects of Fetishism, Kink, BDSM and Alternative Lifestyles.  A brief history and synopsis from a variety of books is offered including books by The Marquis de Sade, Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch, Anne Rice, The Story of O by Pauline Reage, and Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James. A variety of books will be available for students to browse and the possibility of purchasing any of the books at a discounted rate will be available through FanXtasy Emporium.

TWIST & SHOUT: Breast & Nipple Play
Duration: 1 hour
This seminar discusses the many methods for enjoying breast and nipple sensation play, from light to hard play. Presented are clips, clamps, and pumps and how they can be properly and safely used during a scene. Also discussed is breast spanking, flogging and how to play safe while still pushing the limits.