Master Severyn Kain offers 3 learning opportunities:
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1) Alternative Lifestyle Workshops
2) Couples Coaching
3) Mentoring for Dom\mes


Number of presenters
TWO: Myself and my partner (Lylou MSK)

Equipment and/or supplies needed?
None for couples or mentoring.
For most events:
– Projector
– Screen
– Table
– 2 Chairs
– Extension cord for projector
– Microphone (for groups of 100 or more)

Do you charge a Presenter Fee?
For couples and mentoring cost will depend on coaching and mentoring requirements.
For events, each workshop requires a Presenter Fee. These can be negotiated if accommodation and-or travel is included. $75 (1-hour workshop) $100 (1.5 hour workshop) $300 Half Day (4 Courses; 4-5 hours) $500 Weekend (Up to 8 Courses; 8-10 hours)

Accommodation required?
If workshop is booked outside of Quebec City, yes. Lodging with a host home or hostel is acceptable. If working with a limited budget, consider partnering with another organization or school to share costs.

Travel compensation?
If travel is required, additional compensation to help pay travel costs appreciated and will help reduce overall fee. Inner-city transportation to venue, school, university or event appreciated.

Workshops offered in what languages?
English and French

Duration of workshops?:
Normally one hour, but each workshop can be reworked to extend to one hour and a half with interactive demos.

What is the best way to contact you?
Please send a message to
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